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The Team


Broken ice still melts in the sun
And times that are broken can often be one again
We’re soul alone
And soul really matters to me
Take a look around


You play with words you play with love
You can twist it around baby that ain’t enough
Cause girl I’m gonna know
If you’re letting me in or letting me go
Don’t lie when you’re hurting inside


So many have paid to see
What you think
You’re gettin’ for free
The woman is wild


Twist and shout my way out
And wrap yourself around me
‘Cause I ain’t the way you found me
And I’ll never be the same, oh yeah


When they insist on knowing my bliss
I tell them this
When they want to know what the reason is
I only smile when I lie, then I tell them why


Sarah smiles like Sarah doesn’t care
She lives in her world so unaware
Does she know that my destiny lies with her?

Josh Romney

Age: 36
Family: Josh Romney and his wife, Jen, live with their three children in Salt Lake City.
Profession: Real Estate
Interesting Fact: Josh was responsible for driving all of the Mitt Romney sons through Iowa during 2008 campaign efforts in a vehicle they called the “Mitt Mobile”. He has also previously considered his own potential as a politician.